How to create two 5V power sockets on the Olympus 2040

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Wouldn't it be nice to have a power socket on your digicam where you could plug in accessories? No? Well, anyway, here is my suggestion how to incorporate that on the Olympus camedias.
When disassembling your 2020 or similar, get rid of the dioptre adjustment and use the place for the power socket. Did you ever use that bad joke of a viewfinder anyway? Except when your batteries were already deeeaaad? Anyway, you will still be able to do that afterwards, just the dioptre adjustment will be gone. If you need glasses and are taking pictures with glasses, this should be no problem for you.
So, when you have disassembled your 2040, you can solder two wires onto the battery compartment:
Please note that it is beneficial to route both wires to the back of the camera. The red wire here is ok, the black one should point the same way as the red. This makes re-assembly easier.
Red is positive (+), black is negative (-). Don't create a short circuit between those wires. Remove the batteries before starting and insert them only after finishing! Make sure by using a Multimeter that there is no short circuit! Solder quickly and do not heat the plastic.
To route the wires, here's my suggestion:

Carefully push the wires into the recesses visible.

Route the wires through the opening the dioptre adjustment once was.
Now, you need some sort of socket or plug. I suggest you mount them on plastic. Plastic is an electric isolator and therefore well suited for that. I do not know what type of connectors you have available, but here is what I used:

Note that I drilled a hole through the "roof" of my 2040. I put an M3 screw through it and screwed the plastic angle with the two sockets firmly in place. For the sake of making the power socket assembly at least a bit waterproof, you can use silicone or similar.

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