Lenses Compared


Sigma lazy-zoom vs. the others ;)

Well, I suffer from LBA - Lens Buying Addiction. Ok, old M42 lenses mostly, so not too much money involved. But I do not suffer from lust of carrying lenses. So, I want to minimize my travel kit. I own the lazy-zoom Sigma 18-125 and as it spans such a large range of focal lengths, I will be mostly comparing the Sigma to my other lenses.
These comparisons are about sharpness, if you are interested in Bokeh, you may find my 50mm Bokeh Shootout interesting. If you want bright lenses, decide for yourself how much sharpness you want to sacrifice ;)

Focal Length Lenses Verdict

17-20mm Tamron SP Adaptall 17mm 3.5
Sigma 18-125mm 3.5-5.6 DC
Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 20mm 2.8
Cosina 20mm 3.8
2nd Place
1st Place
4th Place
3rd Place

28mm Revuenon 28-70mm 4.0
Pentax SMC Takumar 28mm 3.5
Sigma 18-125mm 3.5-5.6 DC
Tokina 28mm 2.0
Beroflex 28mm 2.8
Revue 28mm 3.5
Sigma 28mm 1.8
1st Place
2nd Place
3nd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place


35mm Pentax SMC Takumar 35mm 2.0
Sigma 18-125mm 3.5-5.6 DC
Revuenon 28-70mm 4.0
Porst 35mm 1.8
Tamron 35-80mm 2.8-3.5 QZ-35M
Isco Göttingen Westron 35mm 2.8
Unitor 35-70mm 2.5-3.5
Carl-Zeiss-Jena 35mm 2.4
Please draw your own conclusions.

Macro I

Macro II
Pentax D-FA 100/2.8 vs. Tamron 90/2.8 Di

Pentax 100/2.8 vs. A 50/1.4 + Macro Converter
I kept the D-FA,
but there's no loser this time!


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