Tamron Adaptall SP 17mm 3.5 151B

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Tamron Adaptall SP 17mm 3.5 151B
Mount: M42
Build quality: good
Filter thread: 67mm
Infrared Mark: yes

The #151B is the successor to the 51B and is one of the widest lenses available in M42. It does away with the internal filters of the early model. It is fairly well-regarded on film. My tests on the Pentax *ist DS show that the compromises for a full-frame ultrawide are not ideal for redcued covrage cameras. My copy does not work correctly with a P/K-A adapter on my DS, the aperture numbers are incorrect. Exposure seems ok, though. I compared the Tamron Sp 17mm vs. some other lenses in the 17mm to 20mm region here

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