Revuenon / Exakta 28-70mm 4.0

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Revuenon 28-70mm 1:4 Mount: M42, Auto aperture only (->Adapter)

Also available as Pentax P-K/A
Build quality: ok to good
Filter thread: 62mm
Infrared Mark: no

"Turn zoom", front element does not turn when zooming, but when focussing. This zoom has rather good macro capabilities, down to 1:3.2. I like this lens a lot, although old zooms are said to be worse than modern ones. I guess it shows that its design was not developped in the early M42 stages.
Sometimes this lens lacks contrast, but this is no problem in post-processing. Its sharpness is very nice even wide open.
For some boring brick wall test images, look here.


More shots with this lens in my Gallery: Revuenon_28-70.html

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