Porst ColorReflex 50mm 1.7

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Porst ColorReflex 50mm 1.7
Mount: M42 Auto/Manual
Build quality: good
Filter thread: 49mm
Infrared Mark: yes

Another Porst lens with unknown OEM origin. Bought on ebay together with a camera. Nice. The smallest bright standard lens I have. It takes a 49mm filter and matches the *ist DS: Small but capable.

Porst Color Reflex reversely mounted, stopped down to f/16, internal flash diffused with white paper.

Shot handheld with a Heliopan 715nm IR pass filter. Shot in RAW, converted with pixmantec's RawShooter Essentials .

shot with reversed lens, 28mm extension ring and internal flash diffused with paper.
Cropped and resized 50%, turned 90 clockwise.

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