Cosina 20mm 3.8

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Cosina 20mm 3.8
Mount: M42, Auto aperture only (->Adapter)
     (Pentax PK available, too.)
Build quality: good
Filter thread: 62mm
Infrared Mark: yes

This is a budget super wide. It works surprisingly well on a film M42 body. On the *ist DS, barrel distortion is visible even with the 1.5x crop factor. Becomes a rather slow but useable 30mm wide angle. Cheapest and smallest rectilinear super-wide in M42!
What can you expect from a full-frame superwide that costs 70 Euros, new? Nothing? Well, not quite. On full frame it shows some barrel distortion (to be expected due to its small size) but only mild vignetting. Stopping down a bit reduces the softness quite nicely. Not a great lens, but certainly worth its money! Evenmoreso as it works quite nicely on the *ist DS, when you modify the M42 adapter to convert the lens from AUTO to manual. There is also a PK mount version of this lens available. Update June 2005: This lens does not appear any longer on the german distributor's webpage. I assume it is sold out. ebay and time will tell how much this lens really is worth! I compared the Cosina vs. some other lenses in the 17mm to 20mm region here.

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